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      發布時間:2020-04-26 13:14 作者:admin 次數:

      Love Without Boundaries Acrel urgently aids epidemic prevention materials for the partner from Brazil

             The coronavirus is spreading rapidly all over the world including Brazil. One of our customers from Brazil has cooperated with Acrel for many years. Acrel offers to aid medical materials for the partner and has sent a large number of masks, gloves, protective clothing and other epidemic prevention materials.

      Preparing the epidemic prevention materials urgently

      Contact the express to pick up the package immediately

      The customer expresses his appreciation once he received the masks

      The customer is working on the ICU/CCU construction project in the hospital wearing the mask delivered by Acrel.

            Time is life, with the cooperation of the marketing department, management department and other departments, Acrel urgently mailed the above materials in two batches,  hoping these materials can protect more people and ensure their safety.
            A community with a shared future for mankind, pray for the epidemic to recede as soon as possible and China will prevail!The world will win!Man can conquer nature!

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